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What do you need in order to receive my money transfer?
You'll need the following in order to receive your money transfer:
- Government-issued identification+ (ID) that displays your legal name
- Reference number - request the reference number from the person who sent you the money transfer
- Please note, your name on the transfer record, completed by the person sending you the transfer, must exactly match your name as it appears on your official ID.


e-zwich is the brand name for the National Switch and Smart card payment  system. The e-zwich payment system is an innovative method for improving accessibility to banking and retail services in Ghana. The e-zwich system offers Deposit taking financial institutions (i.e. Universal banks, Rural banks and Savings and Loans) a platform that enables them to interoperate. The e-zwich smart-card is currently the only card in Ghana that provides the convenience of nationwide access as well as greater control over transactions for cardholders, retail merchants and other corporate users.

Western Union

Pick up your Western Union cash at any of our branches.

All you need to pick up the cash is:
1) The first and last name he used on the form as the sender's name.
2) The first and last name he used on the form as the receiver's name
3) The ten digit Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN#) found on the upper right of the paper form
4) The test question/answer      
5) An ID card

Automated Clearing House

This is also a product of the bank where funds are transferred from any of the commercial banks to rural banks.  With this product, the receiver of the fund needs to have an account.  It is also an electronic medium money transfer.  Most customers enjoying these products are those whose salaries are paid by their employers who keep their accounts in the commercial banks but decide to pay their staff through rural banks.

Apex Link

This is another product of the bank which is the transfer of funds from one rural bank to the other.  The person doing the transfer and the one receiving it need not be a customer of the bank.  The person just needs to get to a rural bank with only the details of the transaction to be conducted.  The paying bank will need the name, the amount to be transferred, the name of the receiving bank, the account number of the person receiving the amount, should she/he be an account holder or to receive on apply/identify mode.  This is one of the fastest medium of transferring funds within the country.  The receiver receives a code number and presents it to the paying bank for his/her money.

Agricultural Loans

As a community or Rural Bank, the bank offers this product to assist the farming communities within its catchment area.  The farmer must be an account holder of the bank and the account must be operational.  A recommended amount is granted depending on the type of project embarked upon by the farmer.  A moratorium is given depending on the type of crop or harvest period the farmer operates. This product attracts the lowest of interest rate.  It is to enable the farmers produce more.

Funeral Loans

This product is designed for all customers who operate an account with the bank and the account should be operational.  Two customers of good standing are required to guarantee the loan.  The duration of the loan is for fourteen (14) days.

Bronya Sika

It is a product designed solely for salary workers who receive their salaries from the bank to enable them enjoy the Christmas festivities.   All salary workers have equal access to the facility whether the customer has a previous commitment with the bank or not.  It is given out from October to November ending of each year. The interest is paid at the end of November and the principal amount is spread and paid in three equal instalments without interest starting from January to March the following year. 

Commercial Loans

This product is designed for both savings and current account holders of the bank.  It is used to promote small scale and large scale enterprises within and beyond the catchment area.  An applicant is required to save one third (1/3) of the amount required.  Two customers of good standing are required to guarantee the facility.  A maximum of twelve (12) months is allowed for repayment of the loan.

Salary Loans

This product is designed for salaried earners whose salaries pass through the bank. Terms and conditions are made flexible to enable all salaried workers to enjoy this product.   Two salaried workers are provided as guarantors to all salary loans granted by the bank.  The bank only allows a maximum duration of twenty four (24) months/two (2) years on all salary loans.

Susu Account

This is a type of product designed for the small scale traders or market women.  With this the bank sends out mobile bankers to mobilize funds from them in the form of savings.  With this products, they are able to access loans to expand their businesses. These loans are known as susu loans and are given to them at an affordable rate. The maximum allowed period for repayment is six months and other flexible terms.  The maximum amount that can be granted under this product is GH¢3,000.00.

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