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This is another product of the bank which is the transfer of funds from one rural bank to the other.  The person doing the transfer and the one receiving it need not be a customer of the bank.  The person just needs to get to a rural bank with only the details of the transaction to be conducted.  The paying bank will need the name, the amount to be transferred, the name of the receiving bank, the account number of the person receiving the amount, should she/he be an account holder or to receive on apply/identify mode.  This is one of the fastest medium of transferring funds within the country.  The receiver receives a code number and presents it to the paying bank for his/her money.

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Our vision: The vision of Asokore Rural Bank Limited is to be among the best five Rural Banks in Ghana.

Mission statement: Asokore Rural Bank’s mission is to provide quality, innovative, profitable and socially responsive financial products and services to its customers.

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